Local Television in Izmir


The year 1990, when the monopoly of public television in Turkey was broken, and private channels started broadcasting from abroad, was also the very beginning of local television in Turkey. Since those years, numerous local television companies have broadcasted in Izmir. To trace the local televisions in Izmir, to examine and document their transformation since the first broadcasts, constitutes the essence of this project.

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to collect information by oral history study. In this process, interviews are carried out with people who have worked as managers and program makers. These include executives of television companies and directors, camera people, audio and video technicians, studio chiefs, presenters, reporters, etc., who are directly involved in the production.

In addition to these oral history interviews, documents such as program images, photos, audio recordings, broadcast streams, program texts belonging to the television organizations are collected. The material and interview records obtained will be partially accessed from here and all from Yaşar University Faculty of Communications.

Thus, the storage, protection, and access of the information would help future studies and serve people of all generations and backgrounds who want to learn about local television history in Izmir.

Yaşar University supports this project within the scope of the Scientific Research Projects Support Program.


Assoc. Prof. Çağrı İNCEOĞLU – Project Coordinator

Yaşar Üniversitesi Faculty of Communications, Dept. of Radio, Television and Cinema

Assistant Prof. Ürün YILDIRAN ÖNK – Researcher

Yaşar Üniversitesi Faculty of Communications, Dept. of Radio, Television and Cinema


Tuğba AÇIK GÜRKAYA (Trancriptions and editing)

Yaşar Üniversitesi MA programme (Communications) student

Engin KESKİN (Web sitesi ve kurgu)

Yaşar Üniversitesi MA programme (Communications) student


The primary sources of the project are testimonies; thus, it is based on the oral history method. Our interviews have been recorded on audio and video with people from various levels who have worked in different years on local television.

TV Channels

Ege TV, Sky TV, Kanal Ege, Yeni Asır TV, Kanal 35, İzmir TV, Kordon TV, Yeni TV, Kanal 1



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Üniversite Caddesi, No: 37 -39,

Bornova – İzmir / Turkey


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